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"Woodwork for Inventor has been a nice addition to our software library. We are a custom sheet metal fabrication shop with a full custom wood shop. We produce primarily for the for Food Service industry with a good mix of other types of work including Airline, Job Shop, Residential, and OEM. Autodesk Inventor is a great tool for the sheet metal side of our business as well as communicating our design intent. However, when it comes to the wood side, Autodesk Inventor doesn’t have the tools built in to design efficiently. Woodwork for Inventor helps dramatically with is. The Assembly Copier functionality alone is a valuable tool which works for any assembly not just wood. If you are a custom wood shop and are looking to utilize 3D modeling this I would highly recommend Woodwork for Inventor."

 BRAD VANWINGERDEN | Designer – CAD Engineer


"Woodwork for Inventor software gave us the tool that the woodworking industry has been missing in 3D software. Auto plan making, Auto hole drilling (sculpt), Auto programming with Cam module – just few names of the few tools, as increased our production by up to 40%. We are happy with the software and would recommend it to others in the woodworking industry."

DALE ERB | Director of Engineering


"Today we can’t imagine our work without Woodwork for Inventor software, which has a perfect functionality. Skeleton Dress Up, automatic Drawings generator of the Parts, precise BOM generator, Assembly Copier and automatic sculpt of tenon and mortices – all these thinks that true woodworker needs."

STEPHANE RENEUX | Designer-Constructor


"Our company has been using Woodwork for Inventor for several years and now use certain software tools as standard Autodesk Inventor tools because of how quick we find them. Some of the main advantages we find with the software is the speed in producing electronic cutting sheets and drawings with grain directions for our production team."

MIKE CORDERY | Design Coordinator


"Woodwork for Inventor really helps facilitate our daily work – since we have been working with the software, we have become more efficient and work with far greater precision. We have also seen time savings across the entire process. The time saved allows us to work on our innovation and creativity."

VALTER LISBOA | IT & Administrative Manager


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