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Router-CIM Automation Suite

CNC Software Solutions by CIM-TECH

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) was needed to bridge the gap between Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). CIM solutions provide a seamless solution with a common interface for design and manufacturing. From this basic concept a new company was created, CIM-TECH.

CIM-TECH's CNC Solutions


Router-CIM Automation Suite is a complete CNC machine programming package. This versatile piece of CNC router software combines Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) features with the power of woodworking AutoCAD software.

Solid-CIM 3D

Solid-CIM 3D is the ultimate solution for programming or nesting 3D solid parts and assemblies from AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, and many other popular solid modeling products.


AutoNEST takes the guesswork out of placing your parts on your material. This add-on to our Router CIM technology gives you a completely automated solution to go from individual parts to fully programmed CNC nesting.

CAM Companion

CIM-TECH offers an OEM version of AutoCAD that powers the Router CIM software with Autodesk technology. Our CAM Companion has the power of woodworking AutoCAD software for users that require CAD functionality.

Advanced AutoNEST

With our Automated Two-Sided Nesting, StayDown Nesting, Common Line Nesting, Cart Control Nesting and Multiple Stock Control Nesting, CIM-TECH has given you the power to increase productivity while decreasing your amount of work.


An exciting piece of CAD software, our Cut-SIM is a CAD/CAM component solution for CNC Simulation. This CNC software for woodworking provides fast, highly accurate simulation of stock removal; perfect for those crafting cabinets, molding, and more.

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