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As one of Autodesk’s premier resellers, our mission is to help companies develop affordable, turnkey engineering solutions that increase profitability, improve productivity, and reduce the time it takes to bring products to market. With our integrated sales, service, and consulting staff, we will work with you to understand your business and create an economical solution that accommodates your present needs and your future growth. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best woodworking software, hardware, and network solutions across all platforms, and to implement them in a cost-efficient manner.

Having the right 3D modeling and design software for woodworking is only part of the story. What you do with it is the rest. Widom Associates is the woodworking specialist you can turn to for assistance with implementation, customized training, and technical support.

Whether it’s helping you improve your internal work and design process or solving IT problems, Widom Associates can help you realize a successful return on your investment.

Analyzing your business and your goals to help you decide what software and services you need and how to implement them.

Training your team on everything from the most basic use of the Autodesk software to specific uses that match your needs.

Recommending the right mix of products, training, and services that will help you accomplish your business goals.

Our CAD, CIM, CAM, ARDIS, and CNC software and programming consulting service offers world-class technical support.

Testing the level of your team’s knowledge of a product and recommending appropriate training.

Helping customize your software to complement your existing business process or to match a client’s CAD standard.

Installing your hardware and software, making sure the new installations meet your network and IT requirements.

Suggesting add-on products that make your software a complete design-to-finish solution.

Our computer-aided design consulting service helps optimize all systems to run efficiently.

Helping you implement your software so that your team gets up and running quickly.

Helping you implement your software so that your team gets up and running quickly.

Helping you integrate your existing software and drawings

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