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The ARDIS Concept

ARDIS is a highly flexible and extended program. It can handle different input types such as:

  • Data from ERP/MRP systems, multiple format types are possible (SQL, CSV, XML, TXT; SOAP services)

  • Manual data entry

  • Input via the cloud

  • Input from parametric parts lists

  • Input from various CAD systems

  • Input from conventional systems such as Excel

  • Direct import from catalog cabinets

When all the data from the various technologies are imported, ARDIS will process the data. Before the optimization, ARDIS will synchronize online with automatic warehouses or your offcuts in stock. ARDIS can handle synchronizations of all types, going from simple Text files to complex synchronizations with SQL databases. Thanks to many years of experience and innovation, the ARDIS optimizer programs contain an innovative technology database/algorithm. This makes sure ARDIS can handle the most complex production situations. During the optimization, ARDIS will always take those constraints into account. The flexibility of the ARDIS program allows you to export all the available data to the output format of your choice:

  • ARDIS carpenter software results can be processed by a postprocessor to control edge banders, panel saws, production lines, etc.

  • ARDIS cutting optimizer can also convert the data to control CNC and nesting machines

  • Thanks to the flexible report engine you can print labels, PDFs, JPGs, or export to a various wide range of file formats and technologies such as: SQL, CSV, XML, TXT,…




Stock Management

  • Furniture production shops

    • Small one man furniture shops

    • Middle range furniture shops

    • High flexibility furniture shops

    • High volume furniture shops

  • Nesting based manufacturing

  • Door manufacturing

  • Cut-to-size service shops

  • Metal cutting

  • Glascutting

  • Barcutting

  • Full sheets and offcuts

  • Order management

  • Automatic warehouses



  • Different ARDIS optimizer versions

  • Special ARDIS features

  • CNC-machines

  • Saws and cutting machines

ARDIS Graphic

Labels & Supplies

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