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Using Autodesk Inventor LT for Wood Furniture

Autodesk Inventor LT is a powerful tool for wood furniture projects. It creates a piece of furniture for a client that has a specific design need as well as a piece of furniture that we have the ability to create in the shop. In this example for this particular client, the furniture is rectilinear with some detailing, so we'll start with a cubic shape of the approximate size width and depth. With the new inventor LT, we have the ability to create what are called solid bodies so that this piece of furniture, which is one inch in thickness and five inch in height around three sides of the piece of furniture, actually simulates multiple components.

We do have the ability to colorize or change the grain direction if necessary. Utilizing the features within Inventor LT, we can use predefined profiles that redesign or configure from other systems like AutoCAD, or develop on our own. This makes our particular project very straight forward and very simple in this particular situation. We're cutting out the front of the piece to show some the detailed features and we also have the ability to create full cavities in the furniture. So in this particular situation we have a feature that is rectangular, but it has all the detailing around the front.

We have the ability of sizing every piece and then of course defining its location within the body of the work in this particular situation. We now have that and of course we can mirror it on all sides.

Hopefully you've seen how quick and easy it is to use inventor LT for the creation of wood and wood fixtures. Widom Associates is the leading Authorized Autodesk Dealer / Support Specialist in the greater metropolitan area. Widom Associates was one of only five dealerships, out of 4000 dealerships worldwide to receive the prestigious Autodesk Customer Service Award! We are the first Autodesk dealer in New York State to receive this award! Let us help you to increase your productivity and extend your capabilities with our expertise in Auto Cad, Networking, Management Solutions and Multimedia.


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