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Quartered Oak - Woodwork For Inventor included appearance

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Quartered White Oak exhibits pronounced Medullary Ray or Ray Fleck, which becomes even more pronounced when the wood is finished. Rift White Oak exhibits less Medullary Ray or Ray Fleck while maintaining the same straight grain appearance as Quartered.

Fillings, coatings, multi-layer boards, composite parts, etc.

Solid wood Board Laminated board Multilayer board Rod Desktop Veneer/film, Edge banding, Paint Simple part

Woodwork for Inventor adds an extra feature to the Autodesk Inventor software which allows the user to easily and visually assign furniture materials (Solid wood, Board, Laminated board, Multilayer board, Rod, Desktop, Veneer/film, Edge banding, Paint) to parts using the data base which can be freely added to by the user.

Depending on the material assigned, different methods of material calculation as well as their visualization in reports are used. In this way, a board is calculated in sq. meters, profile is calculated in length, etc.

Such a wide selection of material types allows for the construction of wood product of different range and complexity from cabinet furniture to stairs, wooden windows and other wood products.

Calculation of materials for tube parts or sheet metal parts allows for the use of metal articles in a structure and keeping track of their materials.

During the design process or when deriving data for production, a mass replacement of one material by another can be easily performed on parts. This allows you to work with abstract materials which define the function of the furniture part in respect of its design (e. g. facade material, cabinet material, glass, cheap material for internal parts, facade edge band, etc.). In the preparatory stage of production, it is easy to replace such materials by particular materials used in production. This work method helps to reduce the amount of stored models and quickly prepare information required to start production based on different furniture material configurations.

Woodwork for Inventor supports the design of both simple and composite parts as well as fully automated calculation of materials for those parts. Based on the part geometry, material pattern direction and specified allowances, blanks have automatically calculated sizes, i. e. length, width and height which are used in generating data for reports and calculating required quantities of materials.


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