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How-To: Miter Folding in Autodesk Woodwork for Inventor

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Autodesk Inventor / Woodwork For Inventor V-Grooving and Miter Folding offer practical solutions to simple or even complicated millwork applications. These techniques offer increased structural integrity at reduced labor costs, and can be applied to all woodworking projects. The flexibility of these applications provides architects and designers with greater freedom in their design projects.

Miter folding is a technique used to generate edges without a visible seam, giving the appearance of a solid material. A V-Groove is routed along the back side of the substrate. Masking tape can be applied to the finished side, ensuring a proper alignment of the miter folds and no clamping.

Both mitered wood edges are then coated with adhesive and hinged on the laminate to close the groove, forming an outside corner that is hidden by seamless laminate. In addition to eliminating outside seams, miter folding can significantly reduce labor and material costs while improving the alignment and structural integrity of cabinets, adjoining panels, tapered furniture legs and other mitered components



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