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Dimensions, materials, data, specification, etc.

Woodwork for Inventor provides an option of integrating generated information with the Autodesk Vault Professional product data management system. Proper configuration of the Woodwork for Inventor and Autodesk Vault Professional software allows you to automatically transfer such component parameters as part or workpiece dimensions, material or color codes which have been assigned while working with the Woodwork for Inventor program, etc. In principle, you can set up the systems so that any parameter generated in the Woodwork for Inventor program may be transferred as an additional component property to the Autodesk Vault Professional data tab.

Moreover, the Woodwork for Inventor specification generator (BOM) can directly generate specifications into the Item Master section. Here, each Autodesk Inventor component with Woodwork for Inventor materials assigned to it expands into additional components which make up a part of the furniture’s item. For example, the fill workpiece and cover workpieces. In this way, the transfer of information from Woodwork for Inventor to Autodesk Vault Professional specifications is fully executed. The transfer connection may be configured so that the specification items being generated are automatically classified into categories. All this greatly facilitates navigation through Autodesk Vault Professional data.

There is an additional option that allows you to configure Woodwork for Inventor so that the files used in production are automatically included along with the component into the Autodesk Vault Professional data. For example, CNC programs or PDF drawings may be generated for the component.

Woodwork for Inventor information in the Autodesk Vault Professional specification

CNC program included in the specification item container


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