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Woodwork For Inventor Hole Notes Series 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Let's say we have a confirm on a component that drills holes in pillar and nestled panels: We need this component to bring the appropriate hole notes to the pillar and nestled panels and eight millimeters through. The hole is drilled in the nestled panel and a five millimeter hole is drilled in the pillar panel in order for each note to be forwarded to its panel.

Let's modify and confirm at part attention is important to know since we are working with a component that supports its configurations through the model state mechanism. Let's not forget to enable editing for all model states with the split command. Let's split the body of the drill into two parts pillar board drill and nestle board drilled. This is necessary because we want to transfer different hole notes to different parts each body.

This will be able to assign its own note to the hole being cut during the sculpt operation we put a minus sign in front to tell the system that these are subtracted bodies. Now we can move on to assigning a hole note to the hole bodies. We run the apply to hardware command. The command launches a dialog, similar to the apply to hold command. The difference is that the dialog has no hole selection options.

We select the note through hold d8 and pick the cylindrical surface of the body of the hole. The nestle board is drilled with the mouse. You need to know that only cylindrical surfaces can be specified because only they form holes in the parts. We press the apply button the note is attached in the same way we connect the note blind hold d8 to the body pillar board drill. We save the hardware component - it is now ready to transfer the whole note to the panels that intersect confirm at component.

Let's move into the design of the furniture using the hardware attach command. We place the confirmation component in the furniture. Let's run the sculpt command now if we open the details separately and go to the hole annotation assignment command. We will see that the annotation is already assigned to the newly cut hole.

If there is such a need you can delete unwanted whole notes using the previously discussed method in the hole note apply command specify the desired note select the desired hole and remove its note. Let's open another part and you will see that the hole node attached to the next subtract body of confirm at component is transferred to this part. So in this part of video, we saw how hole notes could be assigned to hardware components and passed to the part during the sculpt command.


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